Goat Farm in Malwana

Yathama Goat Farm

About the project:

The project was started in 12.11.2015 with the financial support of Baithuz Zakat of State of Kuwait as an income-generating project for the Makola Muslim Orphanage, where 50 female Goats (doe) and 3 male Goats (buck) were bought and raised in a plot of land belonging to the Orphanage in Malwana.

Project Objectives:

  1. The orphans living inside the Orphanage benefit from the milk produced from the Goats
  2. Reduce the cost of buying milk from outside and also selling Milk to the Market

Beneficiaries of the project:
  • The orphans of the Orphanage.

The farm Produces 20 litres of milk per day they are sold to shops, pharmacies and individuals

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