Vocational Training

Every orphan undergoes vocational training in one of the following disciplines,
- Sewing
- Electrical Wiring

The children start their vocational training on reaching the seventh year of secular education. The training courses are compulsory and are held during the weekends.

Students who fail to obtain the required passes at the year 11 public examination to follow secondary education are given an intensive training course for 6 months and thereafter found suitable employment. Students, who complete their secondary education but fail to obtain university entrance, are provided with a 6-month intensive training programme and thereafter a further year's training and found suitable employment. The Madrasa students too follow vocational training programmes.

The Makola Muslim Orphanage does not cater only to the physical well being of the orphans. One of the cherished desires of its founders and its primary objects has been the spiritual and academic well being of the orphans. This, they believed was paramount in moulding the children to be citizens with sound religious, technical and cultural training. In keeping with these beliefs every child at the orphanage is provided with some form of education.

Each child has a busy daily schedule, which includes all the daily prayers

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