Assalamu Alaikum

Your generosity has made our charity an amazing success.

Achievements of the Orphanage

The Orphanage has achieved great achievements over the past 56 years and has made great strides in the educating, Pedagogy and caring of Muslim orphans. Hundreds of scholars and memorizers of the Holy Qur'an and preachers in various fields of Islamic Da'wah have also been trained and trained in various professions. The services provided by the Orphanage - have made it a prestigious place witnessed by many senior scholars and sheikhs inside and outside Sri Lanka in general from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar in particular.

The details of orphans who studied and graduate from the Orphanage are as follows:

The number of orphans enrolled in the Orphanage since its inception and until now3000 orphans
orphans currently studying at all levels: 450 orphans
orphans who graduated from the religious and general secondary school600 orphans
students graduating from local and foreign universities is 72 orphans
those who completed the maintenance of the Holy Quran in the Orphanage50 orphans
students studying at local and foreign universities 20 orphans
students studying in the Vocational Training Department 20 orphans
students graduating from sewing department 56 orphans
students improvised from the electricity department 10 orphans
students graduating from Computer Studies 25 orphans