MMO Administrative Building


MMO Hostel Complex


Anvarul Uloom Arabic College Building

Yathama Goat Farm


Makola Masjid

Yathama Library


Primary Objective

The primary objective of the MMO as stated in its Act of Incorporation are:


  • To love, foster and cherish needy Muslim orphans according to the tenets of the Islamic Sharieth.

  • To promote the Islamic way of life amongst such orphans by imparting religious knowledge to them.

  • To educate such orphans.

  • To construct, maintain, manage, establish and promote orphanages, homes hospitals, dispensaries clinics, and vocational and secular training centres to house and serve such orphans until they find meaningful employment.

  • To collect funds and to accept endowments and building materials for the construction of orphanages and homes and the maintenance thereof, from benefactors in Sri Lanka and abroad.

  • To do all such acts and things as are incidental or conducive to the accomplishment of the above objects or any one of them.