Assalamu Alaikum

Your generosity has made our charity an amazing success.

02 Industrial Washing Machines

For Washing of children’s clothing at both locations, Makola &Amp; Malwana


To turf and fence the 02 existing playgrounds at Makola & Malwana for the safe use of the children, along with two (02) pavilions.


The bakery at Malwana currently has the capacity to cater to the entire orphanage, including the staff employed to serve the orphans. In fact, it would still be working at a level well below its capacity, since the equipment procured for this purpose was of an industrial-type that could serve a much larger populace.

It is proposed that the bakery be converted to a commercial venture, whereby it could sell its extra produce to the community in the immediate vicinity. The revenue thus generated could provide the income to sustain the existing operation as well as to contribute to the general coffers of the MMO.

The cost of this conversion would be approximately LKRs. 3 Million (US$30,000).

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