Ongoing Yathama Twin Tower Project

Assalamu allaikum wa-rahamathullahi wa-b arakathuhu

The Makola Muslim Orphanage was established in the year 1962 with 12 orphaned children. Today it is the largest and the oldest Orphanage in the country. It now houses nearly 400 children in the school at Malwana erea, a 25 acre land with its own Dormitory, Playgrounds. Jummah Masjid and nearly 200 children at its Arabic Madarasa and Hifl section at Makola. The ages of the children are between 5 and 18 years. The Orphanage also provides Financial assistance to nearly 200 Female Girl orphan children to study or follow a vocation from their homes.

Children in the Orphanage are provided with all basic facilities and amenities. They are under the care and guidance of a team of dedicated teachers and wardens, who are suitably qualified and have the expertise to address the needs of the Orphans.

Looking back at the manner in which the MMO has grown, there is still much to be done. To illustrate the reality of this fact, when we examine, we will find that there are more than 20,000 poor Muslim orphaned children in Sri Lanka, who are in need of urgent assistance for their survival. However, it is mere 2000 or 10% of this number who are being cared and looked after by a few Organizations, such as the Makola Muslim Orphanage. The vast majority languish in the hope that their needs too would be taken care of one day.

It is in response to their predicament and the difficulties this large number of orphans confront all over the country, the Board of Management of Makola Muslim Orphanage has embarked on a very ambitious project of constructing a 12 storey Office cum Shopping Complex on a prime block of land of extent 87 perches owned by the Orphanage and located at No: 95, Hyde Park Corner, Colombo -02. The total cost of this land mark project, which will be an annals in the history of this Institution will be around Rs. 1600 Million (Approximately US$ 15 Million). Insha Allah, we hope to meet the cost of this project from Foreign and Local Donations comprising those Donations from large hearted well wishers, individuals, as well as institutions. The income generating from this development project will be used for further expansion and development of the Orphanages, with the view to increase the number of orphans, Insha Allah to about 2,000 and also provide assistance to another 2000 Orphaned Girls to study or follow a vocation, staying in their homes.

Insha Allah, we also do hope to expand and improve our existing Vocational Training Section and start a Technical lnstitute of our own.

We could achieve the above mentioned goals only by the Grace of Almighty Allah and from the assistance, support and generous contributions from our Muslim brothers and sisters of the world.

May almighty Allah accept all our sincere efforts made for his satisfaction and pleasure.

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Following are some of the photographs depicting the Progress of the project.

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