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Sponsor an Orphan (Kafala)

They ask you concerning Orphans. Say, “The best thing is to work honestly in their property, There is much benefit in helping the Orphans”, said Allah in his Holy Qur'an.The Prophet (sal) said " I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him will be in paradise like this", putting his index and middle fingers together. (Al Bukhari)


In the Islamic Society, a very important place is given to Orphans and the highest position is given to those who look to their welfare. It is said that those who render assistance to Orphans will be rewarded with Jenna (the Heaven) and will be with the Prophet (sal).


Your sponsorship will help us, to have a stable Fund for the benefit of the orphans, giving them every possible help & assistance and at the same time improving and increasing the services and the in-take of orphans.


The Annual cost to maintain an Orphan is approximately US $ 750. To maintain this very important welfare institution, we need the whole hearted support of institutions, organizations and bodies. Your assistance will definitely help us mould & create, very useful members for the Society, the family and the country at large.

While helping the Orphans, this Institution also involves itself in the Society with other societies by taking part in special events like the Ifthar in the Holy months of Ramadan and in the Ulhiya – during the Haj, in order to bring about happiness & pleasure to the poor Muslims in the society.