Assalamu Alaikum

Your generosity has made our charity an amazing success.

Proposed Yathama College of Technology

MMO has begun an initiative to set up the Yathama College of Technology. Technical training with a formal structure in place would enable our students to gain employment and have the requisite skills and qualifications to be remunerated to an extent that they would not have to be dependent on charity for their subsistence.

In fact, we envision a future where many of them would be strong members of the community and could also contribute positively toward future generations. They would also be employable both locally and overseas, which would expand the choice available to them on graduation.

It is proposed that we set up the fully fledged Yathama College of Technology in Malwana on a six  acre bare land, belonging to the MMO. The Project is estimated to cost Rupees Three Hundred and Fifty Million (Rs. 350,000,000) as per the initial projections. It is also pertinent to note that the Project, once completed, will train not only the Orphans of Makola and Malwana but students throughout the country.