Yathama Bakery

This project was launched in 2015 funded by Baithuz Zakat of State of Kuwait

Specifications of the proposed project:

The project is the establishment of a bakery in one of the properties owned by the Orphanage in Makola area to meet the needs of the Orphanage primarily and is expected to be productive to generate a reasonable income to the Orphanage by increasing the quantities produced and sold to the general public. This bakery benefits the Orphanage from the following aspects:

Objectives :

1 - Meet the bakery needs of the orphans of the Orphanage.
2 - make it a productive project profitable to the Orphanage
3 - Training Orphans and providing them with career opportunities.

Justification for the project: To reduce the excessive costs of buying bread and Bakery Products from outside. The possibility of making it a productive project. The total annual expenses spent by the Orphanage on all services and activities provided to orphans: approximately 554,945.00 US Dollars and US$ 18,860.00 per year is spent on Purchases of Bread and Bakery Products for the Orphanage. The expenses can be reduced and can bring an income to the Orphanage through outside sales through the Bakery.

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